Exercises for Kids

At the risk of sounding even older than I am, I remember the days when kids spent a lot more time outdoors. It was just customary to run and play with friends after school and on the weekend. If we spent too much time watching the 12 TV channels available, our parents would evict us from the house with the order, “Go outside and play!”

Of course, entertainment options have expanded dramatically in the decades since then. Between the thousand channel universe, computers, smartphones, and video games, kids now have more reasons than ever to be inert. That is taking a toll on their health as childhood obesity levels are approaching crisis levels.

If you are concerned that your child is not getting enough physical activity, here are some simple, but effective exercises that you can do together:


One of the most traditional exercises is also good for kids, though don’t necessarily worry if they cannot keep from bending their knees: the benefits are still there.


Another oldie, but goodie, sit-ups help to strengthen core muscles. At this age, it is not necessary for the child to curl all of the way up to their knees.


This is another basic exercise that helps to increase both arm and core strength. Children may find this tough at first, but as their strength increases, their endurance will also go up.

Aerobic Exercises

I don’t mean aerobics in the 20 Minute Workout sense, but sports you and the kids can easily enjoy at home or in the park. These include basketball, tennis, soccer, running and jogging, and bicycling.

Chair Squats

These are great for increasing leg strength and require no special equipment whatsoever; just grab a chair from the kitchen or living room. Once kids get good at this, you can increase the challenge by having them hold a pair of weights in their hands.


Exercise for Seniors

Exercise is a benefit for anyone of any age, but the type and duration can vary, depending upon that person’s period of life, abilities, and goals. Many people don’t realize that seniors should also exercise regularly, but it can be more of a challenge for them. due to the physical limitations brought about by age.

Fortunately, most of those obstacles can be avoided simply by choosing the correct activity. Here are some low-impact exercises well-suited to those in their golden years:


The most basic exercise around, walking requires no special equipment, no gym time (as long as the sidewalks are clear and the weather is OK), and no advance planning.

Make sure that you have a comfortable pair of running or walking shoes well-suited to your feet, and be sure to do some stretching beforehand. Start with a short duration and gradually work your way up.


Hitting the pool can be beneficial for seniors because swimming is very low-impact, but so good for your joints. It also helps to improve flexibility and endurance.

Ride a Bike

Getting on a bicycle is great for both getting you outside and enhancing joint health. If the weather is bad or you are intimidated by traffic, a stationary exercise bike is just as effective.

Lifting Weights

The goal here is not to become ripped, but to increase your strength and benefit your overall health. Start with small weights and gradually up the amount and the time you spend with them.


Don’t worry: you don’t have to be super flexible to do yoga. Even only slight amounts of bending will help with strength, endurance, and balance.

Tai Chi

Here is another low-impact pursuit that is excellent for balance, flexibility, and strength. There are over 100 moves to perform in tai chi, but don’t worry if you can’t remember them: just copy what everyone else is doing! They won’t mind.

Meet Canada’s Strongest Woman: Allison Lockhart

Male weightlifters get all manner of press and a number have parlayed that notoriety into fame in other areas. The most famous example is Austria native Arnold Schwarzenegger, who arrived in America in the late ’60s with very little money and very little English. However, he had a very big dream and through years of hard work, Schwarzenegger established himself as both a bodybuilding superstar and a very popular actor.

The female side of the coin is not as well known, though there was an entertaining and informative documentary in 1985 called PUMPING IRON II: THE WOMEN that profiled several female bodybuilders. In the years since, conditioning has become much more prevalent. If you are a film or TV star, chances are you have a personal trainer and, if you’re in a superhero film, you better be sculpted like a god or goddess.

35-year-old Calgary native Allison Lockhart is Canada’s strongest woman according to the results of the annual strongwoman competition. One look at her and you would be unlikely to dispute that claim. Oddly, the question of muscular women and attractiveness still seems problematic for some. It hardly seems fair to make women adhere to a standard if they don’t want to. Attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder, but confidence is almost always sexy. People who are fit and take care of themselves always stand out, and Lockhart certainly does. I suspect that she will be a role model for many young women.

Following three straight victories in the strongwoman competition, Lockhart is defending her crown again this week at the Calgary Stampede. Her totals are highly impressive, including the ability to lift 535 pounds from a squat and she can also bench press 335. If she does come up with a fourth win, could movies and TV be in her future? Difficult to say for sure, though you can follow Lockhart’s progress on Twitter.

Sport in Domes

Many sports are perfect for playing outside. However, there is often a caveat to this: if the weather cooperates. In addition to the weather, the season often plays a significant role. For instance, you generally do not want to play beach volleyball in the winter, even if it is sunny outside.

This is why domes, also called bubbles, are great for sports. You can play the sports every day throughout the entire year, without worrying about if it is raining too hard or if it is too cold out. Two of the most popular sports you can play in a dome are tennis and soccer. Let’s hear about those now:


If it’s raining really hard out, the ground will get extremely muddy, and there is a chance players will not be able to see properly. Not being able to see adds a significant risk of injury. So the solution? As stated, soccer is one of the most popular dome sports. The roofing will keep the rain from falling down on the field, which will in turn keep the field dry and visibility up. You can even play well into the evening, since those who are building a dome for soccer will always install lights you can turn out when it starts to darken.



The price of building one of these structures is often at the forefront of people’s minds, especially if they think playing outside will cost next to nothing. However, this might not always be the case. The cost of a tennis court bubble, for instance, might be a little more upfront than just having an outdoor court, however there are two things working in the bubble’s advantage. One, since no games are likely to be cancelled because of the weather, you will not lose money because of a lack of ticket sales. Furthermore, the terrain in a tennis court bubble will be high quality and will also be well-maintained. Though manmade tennis court terrain outside might be quality, the maintenance will often be more simply because of the wear and tear Mother Nature brings to the table. Thus, the costs will eventually balance out, and you can even make money with tennis court bubbles.

The Best Tips For Getting Fit

Many people make new year resolutions that involve either losing weight, being more healthy, or getting fit.  They would go join a gym, maybe go a couple of days the first week, but by the end of the month, their gym membership would be old news and they’re back to not going to the gym.  Instead of making getting fit a new years resolution, start now.  Start today.  I’ve outlined some tips below to help you get healthy and fit.


  1. Find a workout buddy.  It’s much easier and way more fun to workout with a friend.  You motivate each other and have someone to answer to if you’re not trying your best or miss a workout.  It also keeps your workouts much safer.  You’ve got a spotter and someone there to watch out for you as you would do for them.  Plus, if you have any illnesses and faint or something, they’ll be there to catch you and help you out.  Just remember, if you’re not working out with a buddy, wear a women’s medical alert bracelet to keep you safe.
  2. Find a routine.  When you get yourself into a routine, your body adjusts to it and it will get easier day to day.  If you squeeze in a workout every morning before work, your body will eventually wake up on its own, and it won’t be as hard if you’re waking up at the same time every day.
  3. Do interval training to lose weight.  Studies have shown that quick spurts of exercise then resting and continuing the cycle is the most effective way to burn fat.  Make sure that when you’re doing interval training, that you’re doing it properly.  Do a one minute sprint for as fast as you can, then take a minute to recover, then repeat this for 20 minutes.
  4. Do your workouts right.  Sweating doesn’t necessarily mean you’re burning fat.  If you’re in a sauna and sweating, it just means you’re hot.  To burn fat, you’ve got to get your heart rate up – this basically means you’re burning calories.  The harder you workout, the more you will sweat and your heart rate will go up.
  5. Eat right.  Did you know that 80% of losing weight has to do with your diet and only 20% has to do with exercise?  This means that if you are looking to lose weight, you’ve got to eat right along with working out.  Never starve yourself or take diet pills – those don’t work.  Instead, eat 3 balanced meals or 5 smaller meals per day.

To recap, if you want to get fit, start now!  Use the tips above to help you and also grab a buddy to get more motivation.  Just make sure you’re doing everything in a safe manner.  If you’re working solo, just remember to wear some sort of medical alert bracelets for men or women in case anything happens.  Visit your doctor if you don’t know if your workouts or diet is safe.  Everything is moderation is a good mantra to follow.  Good luck!

Get Fit Or Die Trying!


Hey guys!  Welcome to my blog where I will talk about fitness, exercise, health, food, and getting active!  If you aren’t here to work, then you aren’t at the right place.  I’m a fitness trainer, instructor, and personal trainer, and I want to see all of you getting off those couches of yours and getting fit.  The first thing you gotta do is get up, get dressed and leave the house.  Go for a run or go to your local gym to sign up.  You have to start motivating yourself to lead a more balanced, healthy life.  This means eating differently and exercising more.

That’s what I’m here for!  I’m here to motivate you with pictures, videos and testimonials.  Everyone is able to get fit – it just depends on what you’re going to do to get there!  It won’t be an easy task, but I will be with you along the way.  We’ll go through hard times and you’ll want to smack me but the journey to get healthy and fit starts today.  We’ll get there – don’t you worry!