Are Exercise Bikes Worth It for Those Wanting to Lose Weight?

Exercise bikes are a common part of many people’s fitness regimes. If cycling is your sport of choice, they are especially handy to have in countries like Canada, where you can only bike six months out of the year.

However, there have been many new devices introduced that help people exercise, while the stationary bike has been around for decades. Are they still worth the money and your time?

If you want to lose weight, then yes, an exercise bike is still a solid investment. Adults require a minimum of 2.5 hours per week of cardio exercise; if you are looking to lose weight, increase that total to an hour a day. You should also supplement that with trips to the gym in order to augment your upper body and keep your physique proportional. It is also wise to modify your diet to include good quality foods and proper portion size. Doing all of these will provide the fastest and most effective results.

As to the question of whether you should have your own bike at home, or just use the ones in the gym, it depends on what is available. If you want a top-quality bike, you can buy one and have it at home for use any time you want. Gyms tend to have good, but not excellent bikes. However, they are usually more than sufficient and if you live close enough to your gym that you attend it regularly, you might not need to make the extra investment of owning your own stationary bike.

Exercise bikes may seem old school, but there’s a good reason why they are still around: they work! Having your own at home is a great enticement to keep fit. However, if losing weight is your main goal, do not rely on the bike entirely to attain that goal.