Fall Exercises

The gym is an excellent place to exercise and a wonderful way to meet new friends and fitness partners. However, do not forget to enjoy physical activity in the great outdoors. If you live in a part of the country where winter is too cold to comfortably exercise, you should try to take advantage of the hospitable fall weather while it is still here.

Here are some exercises that you can enjoy while taking in those wonderful autumn colours:

Walking and hiking

There is nothing wrong with walking or running on an indoor track at the gymnasium, but it does not compare to observing the natural beauty of nature this time of year. Get out to your favourite trail and bring a friend.

Running and biking

Whether you want a short jaunt or a long trip, going for a run or bike ride this time of year is an excellent idea. The sun is not as intense and you often get a nice cool breeze to keep you from overheating.

Go for Extended Dog Walks

I do not have to tell you how much our canine friends love to go for a walk. With winter coming soon, those walks and get shorter and shorter. In fact, most last no longer than the time it takes for them to do their business. The weather is lovely right now, and your dog will love being out in it, so take the time to go for a few extended walks. You will both benefit and enjoy it.

Rake those leaves

As lovely as they are, it is a good idea to remove leaves from your lawn. Rather than paying the local children to do it for you, grab a rake and have at it. It provides an excellent, low impact form of exercise than anyone can do.