Sport in Domes

Many sports are perfect for playing outside. However, there is often a caveat to this: if the weather cooperates. In addition to the weather, the season often plays a significant role. For instance, you generally do not want to play beach volleyball in the winter, even if it is sunny outside.

This is why domes, also called bubbles, are great for sports. You can play the sports every day throughout the entire year, without worrying about if it is raining too hard or if it is too cold out. Two of the most popular sports you can play in a dome are tennis and soccer. Let’s hear about those now:


If it’s raining really hard out, the ground will get extremely muddy, and there is a chance players will not be able to see properly. Not being able to see adds a significant risk of injury. So the solution? As stated, soccer is one of the most popular dome sports. The roofing will keep the rain from falling down on the field, which will in turn keep the field dry and visibility up. You can even play well into the evening, since those who are building a dome for soccer will always install lights you can turn out when it starts to darken.



The price of building one of these structures is often at the forefront of people’s minds, especially if they think playing outside will cost next to nothing. However, this might not always be the case. The cost of a tennis court bubble, for instance, might be a little more upfront than just having an outdoor court, however there are two things working in the bubble’s advantage. One, since no games are likely to be cancelled because of the weather, you will not lose money because of a lack of ticket sales. Furthermore, the terrain in a tennis court bubble will be high quality and will also be well-maintained. Though manmade tennis court terrain outside might be quality, the maintenance will often be more simply because of the wear and tear Mother Nature brings to the table. Thus, the costs will eventually balance out, and you can even make money with tennis court bubbles.