Meet Canada’s Strongest Woman: Allison Lockhart

Male weightlifters get all manner of press and a number have parlayed that notoriety into fame in other areas. The most famous example is Austria native Arnold Schwarzenegger, who arrived in America in the late ’60s with very little money and very little English. However, he had a very big dream and through years of hard work, Schwarzenegger established himself as both a bodybuilding superstar and a very popular actor.

The female side of the coin is not as well known, though there was an entertaining and informative documentary in 1985 called PUMPING IRON II: THE WOMEN that profiled several female bodybuilders. In the years since, conditioning has become much more prevalent. If you are a film or TV star, chances are you have a personal trainer and, if you’re in a superhero film, you better be sculpted like a god or goddess.

35-year-old Calgary native Allison Lockhart is Canada’s strongest woman according to the results of the annual strongwoman competition. One look at her and you would be unlikely to dispute that claim. Oddly, the question of muscular women and attractiveness still seems problematic for some. It hardly seems fair to make women adhere to a standard if they don’t want to. Attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder, but confidence is almost always sexy. People who are fit and take care of themselves always stand out, and Lockhart certainly does. I suspect that she will be a role model for many young women.

Following three straight victories in the strongwoman competition, Lockhart is defending her crown again this week at the Calgary Stampede. Her totals are highly impressive, including the ability to lift 535 pounds from a squat and she can also bench press 335. If she does come up with a fourth win, could movies and TV be in her future? Difficult to say for sure, though you can follow Lockhart’s progress on Twitter.